Engineering veterans

When a team of skilled engineers from Silicon Valley and the Obama administration set out to build a relational organization app for greater voter turnout in the midterm elections, the importance of safeguarding privacy and security had to come through in the marketing, messaging, and design. Communications had to speak directly to audiences around the county about the issues that mattered most to them.


Democracy for all

VoteWithMe is a unique app using publicly-available data to package and show users the voting history of their contacts so that they can reach out to people they know and be more targeted in communications about getting out the vote. This way, every user’s outreach has more impact and goes directly toward the elections where every vote counts.


Inclusive and trustworthy

The outcome was a communications, design and messaging approach where users were aware that the app’s intention was for greater progressive representation at the midterm elections, yet were presented with reasons that were not politically affiliated, but issues-based, in order to download and use the app.