Online Media Relations

What is online media relations? Is it like PR? Well, Yes and no. Traditionally, PR was used for “brand awareness”. Companies wanting to deliver their brand message, news, and advertising campaigns would look to PR to spread the word to the public. But that was before dependably analytics existed. Rosa plays in today’s loud online space, and we don’t believe that using PR for “brand awareness” is enough. Rosa believes in providing metrics and analytics that show how our efforts contributed to the company’s bottom line – meaning sales or conversions. This means anyone spending money on PR should understand their ROI (return on investment). That’s why Rosa takes the approach of PR online, to pitching online publications based on web rank and clout, in order to get our clients big gains in organic SEO, syndication, and lower advertising costs. We do this through understanding the Internet, links, and the how to wield the power of content marketing.