Marketing strategies and content

Rosa understands the quickly shifting dynamic and budgets involved in today’s marketing landscape, and we’ve developed a strategy based on the vital equation of relevancy + quality + timing + channel = results. Each publisher and channel requires a different type of outreach and content; each target audience wants something that fits in with their existing behavior online. Using a mix of analytics software to learn the habits, interests, and common language of your brand’s audience is how we create insights and strategies that work to drive engagement, awareness, impressions, and ultimately real business KPIs for our clients. What you don’t know can hurt you – especially if you’re paying for it. In the very quickly evolving world of marketing and publishers like social networks, news outlets, and “viral” media, brands entering the space quickly learn content is not enough. Rosa provides real insights, real strategies, and executes on the marketing strategies that come out of these findings for real results.