Text has no spelling errorsAll lorem ipsum is gone!All of your API keys are working (social media links, forms)All of your links are workingYou have a privacy policy (or generated one at favicon is loadedFooter has copyright404 page is appropriately funny (and done)Your forms are going to the right placeYour forms are issuing confirmations when sent


Your pages have descriptive and keyword-friendly pathsYour pages, titles, and headers are unique and SEO-friendly (only one H1 tag per page!)You have a SEO plug-in and have filled it out for each pageMeta-data is included for all pages, text, and images (yes, images!)Add XML sitemap to root of website

Website performance

All the images you have uploaded are sized wellCheck your page load speed with a Google Speed TestUse a browser checker to make sure your site loads on all browsers at all resolutionsMake sure all code has passed validationRequest an SSL certificate Open graph tags included where appropriateUpdate site for accessibility based on WSAG standardsCheck website accessibility with WAVERun web page optimization test

After launch tools

Add your SSL certificate and make sure your site redirects to https://Install Google Analytics and Tag ManagerAdd pixels for retargeting on Google and remarketing on FacebookSet up Google Alerts for your brand or siteUse an SEO tracker to see how you’re faring (give it some time though)Check and track your uptime on PingdomCrawl content to create sitemap and submit to each search engine (like Google)Remove all noindex, nofollow for pages (unless there’s pages you don’t want to come up)See if you have any rich snippets for content or images and mark them for search engines