What’s unique here?

The American Advertising Federation is a national body with chapters in every state and the Caribbean. However, every chapter raises its own funds and therefore has to communicate its value to its own audience. For AAF Miami, we looked at what was special about this club, in this city.


Designing an era

While the city of Miami is known for its party scene and spring break, the history of this internationally unique city is full of eras of ups and downs. For AAF, we chose the 1980s, when Miami was truly cool everywhere from TV screens to the streets of South Beach. Mustaches, pastels, and the classic deco architecture.


Skill in vision

The logo, website, and store to accompany the brand and continue to raise funds for it encompass the spirit of the advertising industry in this unique city: cool, classy, and one-of-a-kind. We pursued a classical style for the logo and merchandise to emphasize this group as an institution.