Engineering Creative Strategy and Technology

Rosa is technologists, creatives, and marketers.

We’re the ‘big build’ people. That’s what sets us apart. When you have a big project, with timelines, budgets, and features, that’s what we do best. We’re certified partners with companies like Google, Shopify and the Scrum Alliance to be able to best build your next project, whether it’s an app, a Shopify store, a website, or a new identity.

We know that our clients engage our team in order to get results – not just checklists and presentations. That’s why Rosa takes an integrated approach to designing, building, and executing experiences that range from websites and apps, to brand design, strategic marketing campaigns, and business consulting. Our expertise is in knowing how to drive consumer behavior using audience segmentation and the latest technology.

Whether you’re looking for downloads, clicks, brand awareness, or sales, Rosa is equipped to work with any professional industry. We have the expertise to lay the strategic and technical infrastructure and get your brand to where you want to be. Rosa is implementing awesome.